The 2020s is
the decade of
climate action

BeZero designs & implements decarbonisation strategies

Decarbonisation is the process of reducing an organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

BeZero provides end-to-end decarbonisation services based on the principles of radical accountability & transparency.

Our goal is to make carbon a line item in an organisation's cost structure, embedding decarbonisation into everyday decision-making.

Carbon pricing can unlock new investment opportunities, mitigate regulatory risks and boost long-term shareholder value.

All services are research-led and product-based drawing on the team's multi-disciplinary backgrounds across finance, economics, policy, climate sciences, ecology, and training.

3Cs of decarbonisation

01 Collect

Calculate & publish the CO2-equivalent footprint of your organisation, and/or products, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes 1-3 framework, including:

  • Incorporating all “known” scope 3 emissions on “payer pays” principal
  • Using life-cycle > generation-only energy analysis
  • Publishing the proportion of "unknown" emission sources

We also advise on ways to enhance & extend existing auditing analysis undertaken by large UK-based companies subject to UK Government environmental reporting requirements.

02 Cut

Create a bespoke carbon footprint management plan to drive behavioural & operational change, including costed static & dynamic reduction strategies:

  • Static: switch to 100% renewables, set an internal price, minimise risks associated with using carbon credits via BeZero's proprietary offset framework
  • Dynamic: create internal carbon funds to invest in Plant, Property, Equipment & direct renewable generation capacity

03 Communicate

Deliver a BeZero Carbon report featuring easily digestible datasets, insights, & recommendations; create a bespoke modular-based climate action training courses to arm you with the tools to articulate your decarbonisation story.

Our services are designed to be compliant with the PAS 2060 framework, the only internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality, if requested

Meet our team

  • Tommy Ricketts
    Tommy Ricketts
    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Sebastien Cross
    Sebastien Cross

  • Tom Powell
    Tom Powell

  • Ronan Carr
    Ronan Carr
    Director of Natural Capital

Natural Capital advisory

Natural Capital is an emerging asset class that seeks to blend ecological techniques with financial analysis to value ecosystem benefits and services.

BeZero's clients include conservation groups, asset owners & managers, and clean tech companies.

Our work helps them measure, value, and monetise their Natural, and Social, Capital assets and liabilities.

3Rs of Natural Capital

01 Revalue

Use Natural Capital accounting & ecological economics to quantify the “true value” of assets and ecosystem services. Understand Natural Capital balance sheets, dividend streams, growth opportunities and counterfactuals.

02 Redefine

Identify and attract new funding sources, revenue streams & monetisation techniques. Create strategies to match natural capital assets with liabilities.

03 Reframe

Tailor business cases and investor pitches to target audiences and broaden stakeholder buy-in, incorporating project benefits beyond pure “economic” returns.

A systematic approach to systematic change.